Lampropelma violaceopes (Singapore Blue)

This is one of the largest arboreal tarantulas in the hobby. Their brilliant blue colors and long red hairs make them a very attractive addition to a collection. Their front legs are very long compared with the ‘back’ ones. This is one species where sexual dimorphism applies. As soon as a male matures, he looks like a different tarantula! After the ‘ultimate’ molt, he will be an olive green and his legs look pipe cleaners – full of fluffy bristles. They are said to be aggressive, though ours are shy and hide rather than go into a threat posture. This species is nocturnal, so you will likely see it roaming it’s enclosure at night or very early in the morning.

Name Pronunciation:
Lampropelma (laam-pruh-PEL-muh)
violaceopedes (vee-o-luh-see-AH-puh-deez)

* Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

Name and Description History:
Lampropelma violaceopedes Abraham, 1924
Lampropelma violaceopes Schmidt, 2003

Young spiderling

 Female with egg sac.

Old World, Semi-Arboreal
Size: up to 10”
Growth rate: Fast – mature in about a year.
Natural Habitat: Singapore, Riau Islands in Indonesia and the southern states of Peninsular Malaysia. Moist, tropical rain forest where it lives in hollow trees.
Housing Needs: Arboreal setup, though they also burrow. A hollow cork-bark tube is perfect for this species. It is very important to keep this species at higher levels of humidity. They do best kept around 75 – 85 degrees. Adding some foliage also helps mimic their natural environment.
Temperament: Semi-aggressive and very fast.

 “Eggs with legs”