Iridopelma hirsutum / recife (Amazon Ribbed)

This is a fuzzy, colorful arboreal tarantula that, as spiderlings, sport shades of green, red, and blue. Our Iridopelmas are just plain mean and always offer up a threat posture when we feed them. This species is not readily available so if you have your eye on adding one to your collection, grab it when you see it offered.

Name Pronunciation:
Iridopelma (ir-i-duh-PEL-muh)
hirsuta (hurh-SOO-tuh)

Size: 4-5”
Growth Rate: medium-fast
Natural Habitat: Brazil, eastern.
Housing Needs: Arboreal setup. Higher humidity is needed and can be obtained by misting every few days and adding cups of water to the habitat. Good ventilation is also critical. 
Temperament: Defensive and aggressive