For those new to spidering!

It is a joy for us to be included when someone decides to begin the adventure of ‘spidering’.  You may find a lot of conflicting information in forums and on the internet in general about how to choose a species and how to care for them.

Some of the conflicting recommendations about which species are good to start with simply comes from people having differing ideas about what makes a good “beginner” species.  The fact is, what might make a good first tarantula for one person may not be a good choice for another.

Tom Moran of Tom’s Big Spiders ( is the absolute best resource for learning more about the many species to choose from and how to care for them.  Tom brings his talent as a teacher to the world of spidering.  His videos and blogs inspider … I mean inspire us all to be the best spiderers we can be!

We want  you, a first-time or newer keeper, to have a good experience from the start.  If you start with a species that is not interesting to you, is difficult to maintain, or is one that is a bit quicker and more defensive than you are ready for, you may shy away from spidering all together.

Let’s look at some examples of when one species may be a good choice for one person and not another.

  • If someone is expecting to watch the activity of a spiderling, but they choose one that stays burrowed for long periods of time, that may be a little frustrating for them.
  • Another example is younger children or teens who could easily get bored and lose interest if their choice takes a long time to grow and spends much of the time burrowed as a spiderling.
  • We have a customer who has some venomous snakes and routinely works with them through educational programs. He might be ok starting with one of the quicker moving, defensive species that we would otherwise never recommend for a newer keeper.