What to expect when you order from Fear Not Tarantulas.

<strong>SHIPPING ALERT: All orders placed on the 25th and later will ship the week of July 9th. We will not be shipping the week of July 2nd.<strong>

Our focus is to make sure our customers are comfortable and at ease with their decision to purchase from Fear Not.  Knowing what to expect, and having good communication is key to ensuring customer satisfaction.

What happens during a typical order is below.  There are exceptions, of course – particularly if FedEx issues service alerts or if bad weather in any of the three locations involved happens.  We look at weather where we are, in Memphis, TN, which is where packages will go to await their connecting flights, and then finally the destination.

After you place your order you will receive a confirmation immediately via email.  If you do not receive it, you may want to check your spam folder.

The next communication you hear from us will depend on the part of the week you placed your order.  If you place your order Wednesday  through Friday, you may not receive shipping details until Friday evening or Saturday.  Do not be alarmed by this.  Monday through Wednesday we are very busy packing and shipping orders all day, so Thursday and Friday we are feeding, housing … and may even take a day off.  We also travel for expos and to acquire species from other breeders, so during those times there will be more of a lag in responses to questions.  If your email has gone unanswered for longer than three days, please feel free to email again because, well … we are human and may have missed it.  We take the time to answer every single email we receive.