We receive an overwhelming number of emails, so we ask that you please seek the answer to your question on our Terms of Service page, from the FAQ below, or in your order confirmation email if you have placed an order.   

We strive to give personalized service and answers to questions and have put together some resources below to save you time in waiting for an answer to your question.  We often hear people say that they want to know they are dealing with “real people” when making their purchase.  Let us assure you that the Fear Not team will work together to bring you the best possible buying experience anyone can offer.  What helps us do that is to have customers read the information below before emailing questions so we can focus on providing the service you expect from us after ordering.

The answers to many questions can be found on our Terms of Service page and your order confirmation email (if you have placed an order).

Mondays and Tuesdays are very busy shipping times and it is unlikely questions unrelated to orders going out those days will be answered until later in the week or the weekend.  Once you have placed an order, you may received details about shipping within a day or two from our shipping department.  Other questions may not be answered until Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday.  We take Thursdays and Fridays off. 

Q: This is my first order and I would like to know what to expect.

You can expect first class service from the Fear Not team. You can follow this link to see more details.   https://fearnottarantulas.com/expect-order-fear-not-tarantulas/

Q: Can I add something else to be shipped with my first order?

A: You can add another order that will be shipped with your previous order up to 24 hours before the day we ship (not deliver) your tarantulas.  Just choose “add this order to my previous order” as the SHIPPING METHOD at checkout and we will ship all your orders together for one shipping fee.

Q: Can you please send me female tarantulas?

A:  When we have sexed spiders, we list them as male or female on our site – otherwise they are unsexed.  When we have raised up a spiderling long enough and found a molt good enough to sex, we list it on our website as female.   Most tarantulas sell before they have grown to a size large enough for us to sex their molts.   

Q: What size habitat do I need?

A: Please see the Spiderling Care Guide written by Tom Moran of Tom’s Big Spiders.  This as well as his website and podcasts are a treasure of no-nonsense, nuts and bolts how-to’s about spiderling husbandry and how to raise them up.  You will gain much confidence about raising even the smallest of spiderlings after reading the guide and listening to his podcasts You can download it from here:  https://fearnottarantulas.com/product/tarantula-spiderling-husbandry-tom-moran-toms-big-spiders/

Q: What do I feed my spiderling and how often?

A: Please see the above references for added details.  Feeding appropriately sized crickets or roaches once or twice each week for small spiderlings is just fine.

ADVICE ABOUT WHICH SPECIES TO GET: It always brings us joy when someone makes us part of their first tarantula buying experience.  We enjoy discussing the many species available and the care involved in keeping them.  It is a good idea to get to know some of the species, see how they move and respond, and learn about the care involved in taking care of them.  We have general information on our “Species Descriptions” page.  A great place to learn about many species is tomsbigspiders.com.  Take a look at the many videos available on YouTube from Tom’s Big Spiders.  Are you nervous about taking care of a small spiderling?  You will want to check out The Ultimate Tarantula Sling Guide.

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