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Amazonius (was Pseudoclamoris) elenae Tarantula about 1"


Taxonomic references
Tapinauchenius elenae Schmidt, 1994b: 258, f. 1 (Df; N.B.: nomen nudum per Cifuentes & Bertani, 2022: 105, but the description conforms to ICZN Article 13).
Tapinauchenius elenae Schmidt, 1994h: 1, f. 1-2 (Dm).
Tapinauchenius elenae Schmidt, 2003l: 206, f. 609-611 (mf).
Tapinauchenius elenae Auer, Huber & Bochtler, 2007: 21, f. 29-31, 47 (f).
Tapinauchenius elenae Samm & Schmidt, 2008: 14, f. 8-10 (mf).
Pseudoclamoris elenae Hüsser, 2018: 73, f. 13A (habitus) (T from Tapinauchenius).
Pseudoclamoris elenae Cifuentes & Perafán, 2020: 109, f. 4.8F (f).
Amazonius elenae Cifuentes & Bertani, 2022: 99, f. 311-344, 353-354 (mf, T from Pseudoclamoris).


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