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Eresus balcanicus (Turkish Velvet Spider) very nearly - 1/4" Habitat included!

Eresus balcanicus (Turkish Velvet Spider) very nearly - 1/4" Habitat included!

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These spiderlings will be shipped in a 15 dram vial with dry sphagnum moss.  You should be able to see these dark spiderlings on the light colored moss to verify they made the trip safely.  This species can be kept in the 15 dram vial for several molts.

This is a wonderful species to raise up.  Please keep in mind that they need to be in a habitat that is very dry.  Water and humidity will do harm to them, so keep everything dry.  They do not need a water dish and their habitat should not be sprayed since they will get their hydration from food. They will need to be fed fruit flies until they are large enough to take on larger prey.

Eresus spiderlings can be housed with dry sphagnum moss as tiny spiderlings.  Many people do not use any substrate, but if you do add substrate, it must be kept dry.  Twigs and leaf litter can be added..  After a molt or two you can house them in something similar to a 50 dram vial  with dry sphagnum moss, sticks, and leaf litter to web on.  

They do benefit from having a day and night cycle but it is important to keep them out of direct sunlight. 

Females can live about 5 years. 

Can be found in Eastern Mediterranean, mainly Turkey


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