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Aphonopelma mooreae (Mexican Jade Fuego Tarantula) 1" Came in the country in Sep 2018 CB First breeding.


We feed our spiderlings red runner (Turkish roach) roaches.  They are perfect for all sized spiderlings because they are soft bodied and are available in sizes from very tiny hatchlings on up to about 1".  Check them out here! Fear Not Feeders

Aphonopelma mooreae (Mexican Jade Fuego Tarantula)

Scientific Name: Aphonopelma mooreae

Common Name: Mexican Jade Fuego

New World, Terrestrial

Endemic Location: Native to Mexico

Size: 4 -5 Inches

Life expectancy: Females 20 plus years  / Males 8 plus years

Growth rate: Very slow

Recommended experience level: Beginner

Info: This stunning Aphonopelma species, also known as the Mexican Jade Fuego Tarantula, is notably beautiful, boasting vibrant blue and green colors. It is similar in color to the popular Green Bottle blue, but is not as heavy a webber and has a very docile temperament. This beautiful and rare species makes a perfect addition to any collection, regardless of if you are a new or experienced keeper.

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